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The View From the Farm

It's good to look up
Wishing everyone a Happy Spring on this beautiful Easter morning
Winter Harvest
Distant Drums rose
Morning harvest of the very last of the orange blossoms and a few other edible flowers for an orange
Time to seed the swales with organic Fava beans, organic biomaster peas, inoculant and a little worm
Can't get enough of the wisteria.jpg It's fleeting bloom is almost over
I'm wondering if taking this California poppy tincture is going to be like drinking liquid Californi
Picking oranges and enjoying the view
The poppies and other flowers are going crazy at our place
Future site of our chicken coop.jpg They're gonna be some lucky chickens
Excited about these unnamed red table grapes we got from a local nursery
These beauties were a gift from new neighbors who are building an off grid tiny house that _jamesmon
More of our custom blended winter  cover crop mix
Collected milk thistle this morning to try in an omelette
My lime picking footwear betrays my city roots
My David Austin Wollerton Old Hall finally bloomed. It's doing the best of all the bareroot roses I'
Mulching our freshly planted Tromboncino with the milk thistle that was previously growing in the sp
James finishes hand digging  the lower swale above the house while I seed and mulch the upper micro
Looking forward to waking up.jpgto this view tomorrow morning
Been away for 3 weeks, and I came home to a sea of green.  So good to be back
If only it stayed green like this all the time.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg
Finally after 6 months of calling various tree trimming companies and chip drop we have a mountain o
Tromboncino is looking pretty happy
Bought 4 new rose bushes to plant and they are already covered with blooms.jpg Like to wake up to th
Picking herbs for Sunday brunch for whatever tasty thing _jamesmon is cooking up for us
Planting out some dusty miller amongst the roses
Another Sunday well spent with _jamesmon , digging deep holes and planting roses in them. These bord
swale  system
The morning forage
Cardoon looks like we can start harvesting
Yaaay! James' s beautiful hand dug micro swales are finally filling with rain!
Foraging flowers on the property for some Mother's day arrangements
Front yard raised beds 2.0 completed! This will be experimental
Last night's rain made everything fresh and sparkling this morning_edited
Tomorrow I get to go home to _jamesmon my love and this beautiful place
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